Jupiter Late Night

19-03-08 jupiter bodyThis is Jupiter around 3 this morning taken at ISO 400 f7.1 1/200 second more-or-less fully zoomed. I’m pleased that it shows some banding on the planet and the colour looks right.




19-03-08 honest moonsThis is overexposed at ISO 6400, f5.6 1/2 sec and it’s only half zoomed but it shows the 4 gallilean moons well.  I found as soon as i went down in exposure i started to lose the moons which were the whole point of the shot.





Below is from Javascript Jupiter set to the same time showing the moons more-or-less as i caught them.

19-03-08 javajupiter

The two shots below were taken at lower exposures – the left one is ISO 400, f5.6, 1/2 sec.  The right one is ISO 3200 f7 1/200 sec.  In both cases I’m starting to lose the moons but jupiter is still way overexposed.


Below is the best full-zoom video that i got.  not sure if it’s worth trying to process it.



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