Venus and Mars are Out Tonight (well, Jupiter really and it was yesterday morning)

19-03-22 jup 62 63 64 74

These shots of Jupiter are about equivalent to what i got on my first try. Leftmost two are ISO 100 f8 1/60, the brighter one one is ISO 400, and the last one is ISO 400 but 1/200 sec. In my imagination I can see banding on all of them. Jupiter was quite high in the sky(almost 40 degrees) and seemed clear to the naked eye.

19-03-22 venus 56 57 59 60

Venus remains a sh*tshow although the overexposed one is pretty.  The first one is ISO 6400 f8 1/200 sec, the others are ISO 100 f8 1/200, 1/1000, 1/500.  Venus was very bright but low(16 degrees) and starting to get lost in the sun.


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