In Which I Dance With Wolves (OK Coyotes

I drove about 10KM east out of Ottawa onto an unlit rural road to try for a shot of the space station against a starscape.  The neatest thing was that I could hear a pack of wolves or coyotes in the distance howling and yipping to keep me company.

DSCN0740__RGB_Max (2)

DSCN0755__RGB_Max (4)

I didn’t have my act together and i just caught a couple of frames using the cameras night sky time-lapse setting which shoots at ISO 100 f8 and turns the images into a short video.  I used PIPP to split out the individual frames then rot’n’stack to combine the brightest pixels.  I used the windows photos app to brighten the whole thing.  The streak at the bottom of the first image is the space station clipping the bottom of Cassiopeia. The one on the left in the second one I’m calling a meteor because hey, who knows, maybe it was a meteor!  I didn’t notice it at the time – only after i lightened the photo considerably.

Below is an isolated Cassiopeia that I shot at ISO 6400 1/2 sec f3.5. The camera does a much better job with the lower ISO longer exposure.19-3-30 casseopeia 751



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