But If I *Could* See That Smudge…

In this image Mizar/Alcor, the double star in the handle of the dipper is just barely visible in the bottom left.  Follow the four star trail up to the right in his picture(but left from Alcor) then go to the middle star in the group of three off to the right, twice that far again then down a bit and there you are!  This image was done at the usual ISO 6400 1/2 sec. it’s only at 105mm zoom so if i can do this effectively i can re-center and zoom further.  I think i can see the trail of four stars in the LCD although they’re magnitude 5-6.  the spray of three i have to take on faith.

19-06-20 where is pinwheel 1483

in the gallery below the left hand shot is from stellarium and the right hand one is the original of the image above.

The pinwheel Galaxy by the way is almost 1/2 degree across – 24 arcminutes by 23. That’s about 40-50 X the size of jupiter at opposition. I just measured jupiter at about 57 pixels zoomed to 2000 mm so if my half-baked math is right it would cover say (40*57)*(105/2000) or about 90 pixels. That’s 1/6 of the size of the green circle. Zooming is definitely going to be needed although I’d still cheer for an encouraging smudge.

Also, I note in passing that Bode’s Galaxy is magnitude 7 so may be easier to see if i can locate it.

UPDATE: Checking again, those images are at 300mm equivalent zoom so the pinwheel might cover (40*57)*(300/2000) or 340 pixels. My best hope for improving my resolution is longer exposures at lower ISO. At 300mm the rule of 500 says anything more than 1.6 sec will smear but i’m working relatively near the pole and maybe the size of the object will work in my favour. Again, I’d be glad of a smudge at this point!

Playing with the telescopius camera simulation it says the pinwheel measures about 17 pixels across in a 550 pixel image – call it 1/30th of the field of view so 150ish pixels – certainly sizeable but i must have botched the jupiter comparo.


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