Just Call Me Galaxy Bill

19-09-23 closeup

I’ve been trying to photograph M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, for a while and this is my most gratifying effort to date.  I was in a fairly dark location tracking with the ioptron Skytracker and the picture was taken with the Canon T3i and 50mm lens at f/3.5 ISO 400 and 120 second exposure.  I had done a series of 60 second exposures at 800 ISO with the idea of stacking them but that hasn’t worked out so far.  The brighter stars near the bottom of the image are v Andromeda to the left and 32 Andromeda to the right.  It’s interesting that the little parade of stars near v And. and the little squad above 32 And. are actually there. Some of those stars are getting down to magnitude 10 or 11.

The image below from stellarium shows the two groupings and also shows the real extent of M31 which is only hinted at in my image.  Oh, and in the stellarium image you can see a small puff above Andromeda which is M110, a satellite galaxy of M31, also barely visible in my image.

19-09-23 stellarium andromeda

The image below is the uncropped version.





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