The Cradle of Andromeda

19-11-09 Cradle-2 4191

This unimpressive goody is the only legacy of a cold hour with a new lens. I like this part of the sky with Cassiopeia and Andromeda.  I was hoping to get the stars against a bit of blue background but this is the best i could do in post processing.  The original was done 4 seconds 18mm f/4 ISO 1600.  I boosted the colour a lot and brightened it with the windows photo tool.

The lens is a used Sigma DC 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 on a Canon t3i.  It’s not my favourite lens: the glass itself may be ok but the zoom is stiff and yet it will collapse the zoom if it’s left pointed up.  There is a zoom lock but that’s stiff and hard to find.  It’s easy to knock it off focus and the focus changes as you zoom.

My worst problem last night was the cold though.  I’m used to working a lot by feel in the dark and numb fingers are not much help that way.


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