This Bode’s Well – In Which I Am Even More Galactic

Above Dubhe (the lip of the big dipper) there are two relatively bright galaxies Bode’s Galaxy M81 and the Cigar Galaxy M82.   I was hoping I could catch them because they are the same sort of size and brightness as M110 which showed up near the Andromeda Galaxy with the same lens.

19-11-21 Bodes-Cigar 4311

This is a single 60 second exposure with the 50mm Canon lens at f/4 and ISO 400.  It has been cropped very significantly and poked at with the windows photo tool.  In the field I thought this was too blown out so i took 10 30 second exposures and tried stacking them with deep sky stacker but i just wasn’t getting enough light.

The image below is the unmolested original. Obviously I need a longer lens.  This is all good fun though.  I was pleased that I was able to locate the galaxies by keying off Dubhe and learning to recognize little asterisms like the triplet near the middle of the original below.


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