In Which I Am Focused – But “Y”

I made a new Y mask sized for my 50mm f/1.8 lens(which has a very small objective by the way) and tried it last night.  In the moment I did not find the mask helpful at all.  I couldn’t see the spikes on my LCD at all but when I uploaded them after focusing by eye I see the spikes perfectly.  So, my by-eye focusing worked as well as the mask would have in this instance but the mask is not hopeless. The shot was taken with the lens at f/4 4 seconds ISO 1600.  The star showing the spikes is Sirius by the way. Also by the way, when the focus was really off you could see the Y mask in the bloated star.  The thumbnail below was taken at f/1.8 1/2 second ISO 6400.19-12-12 Y Not 4488 (2)

I took a couple of further shots.  The best one captures most of Orion.  It’s below both original and after stretching it with the Paintshop Pro histogram functions.  They were shot at f/4 2 seconds ISO 1600.

19-12-12 4500stretched19-12-12 IMG_4500


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