Geez – I’ll Take This! – M81 and M82 Processed With DeepSkyStacker

M81 and M82 Stacked and Processed with DSS

Wow – I’m pleased with this. That’s 10 images taken with the Takumar 200mm lens at f/5.6 on the Canon t3i 60 seconds ISO 800 with three darks and one bias. They were stacked in DSS and postprocessed there as well following this tutorial. It’s cropped to about 1/4 of the original. The focus wasn’t perfect, there’s still some Chromatic Aberration, and I’ve probably over-processed it but it’s fine.

Above and to the left of M81 you can see a corner of three stars and, just beyond, a fuzzy patch that is probably NGC3077. M81, M82, and NGC3077 are all about 12 million light years away.


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