A Quickie In the Backyard (With M31)

This is not very good, of course but it was very easy. I was a bit surprised to find that i had a clear line of sight to Andromeda last night around 10:30 pm but it was almost 30 degrees up so maybe not unexpected. I just took 3 shots at ISO 400, 60 seconds each through the takumar 200mm lens wide open at f/4. I combined the 3 shots with Siril as below. You can pick out M110 and M32 if you know where to look but I left a lot of detail on the table. It will only get higher in the sky from here so if i take my time i can do a lot better. This is about a 25% crop.

Siril workflow(from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuzQL_1xe7c):
-Lights into desktop\20-08-07\lights
-Siril change directory to desktop\20-08-07
-Script DSLR preprocessing no darks no flats no bias
-B/W window to autostretch
-image processing/color calibration/color calibration
-image processing/remove green noise
-B/W window to linear
-Image processing/histogram: autostretch
-Image processing/asinh transformation: moved black point half way to the right
-cropped and saved as JPG


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