Milky Way Lucky Shot

We spent a few days at a cottage in the mountains. Very dark skies overhead although hemmed in by forest. I was delighted to see the milky way easily although not as vivid as in the image above. That is the result of four 30 second shots at ISO 1600 through the canon 18-55mm lens at 18mm f/3.5. This was just the camera on tripod, no tracking, no zoom.

Cassiopeia is lost in the profusion of stars but it was clear in person. Andromeda shows just above the trees right of centre. In one of the sub-exposures I caught a late perseid meteor just above Andromeda. I saw another one around the same time. For the image below i took the sub where i caught the meteor, duplicated it so i had three copies then fed it to Siril. Besides the usual process I used the ASINH transform to move the black point about half way.


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