M27 – The Dumbbell Nebula

This is pretty sweet. About 15 subs 45 seconds at ISO 1600 with a canon t3i through my new-to-me William Optics Z61 refractor (360mm f/5.9). Processed in Siril with darks, biases, and flats. Guided by PHD2 with a QHY5LII-M camera and a qhy mini guidescope.

I still need to do some balancing adjustments to the setup but the guide scope is solidly mounted to the Z61 and the camera is secure. You can see that the counterweights are pretty much to the end of the shaft so this is about as much weight as i’d be comfortable putting on the mount. As it is the scope and camera are enough of an armful for me to carry when i’m setting up. I could pick up the whole thing but it would be awkward.


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