Siril Photometric Colour Calibration

Siril is very easy to use for processing astro-images. One think I’m never sure about is the colour calibration step that requires me to pick white and black sections of the image. It turns out that Siril has a built-in function that can look at what section of the sky you’ve photographed and correct your colours. I tried it on my image of M31 from the other night and it’s a bit tricky to start up but it did seem to work well. The image below is per Siril PCC plus a little bit of raising the black point with the asinh function. I feel like it’s a bit greeny compared to my best effort. Bumping the saturation up just made it worse – I actually prefer my previous version right below it.

I’m looking forward to trying this on the ring and dumbbell nebulae though, next clear night.


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