M63 – The Sunflower Galaxy

You just get a sense of the shape and colour of the Sunflower Galaxy in my cropped and over-processed image. It’s bright but you can see how small it is in the original below. I’m sure I could do better but it was quite a bright night with the moon near full and high in the sky.

This is 35 lights at 50 seconds ISO 800 through the Z61(f/6 360mm) with 5 darks, flats and biases from earlier work. Basically trouble free shoot limited only by conditions. Processed in Siril with per-image background removal. The blackpoint raised with ASINH and colour fully saturated. The speckles you see in the galaxy are really just noise that was all over the image but drowned out elsewhere by the processing.

The image below is from an Astronomy Picture of the Day and you can see the same star patterns around M63.

APOD: 2017 July 12 - Messier 63: The Sunflower Galaxy

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