M104 – Sombrero Galaxy

Thirty lights 60 seconds each at ISO 800 with the canon t3i through the William Optics Z61(360mm f/6). Processed in Siril with photometric colour calibration and asinh.

I took it for the Sombrero Galaxy but my eye is always caught by the patterns formed by stars in these images. Toward the top right is what feels like a cartoon of a rocketship fleeing the frame and near the middle left there’s kind of an arrow pointing to it. It’s all just perspective though – the sombrero galaxy is 30 million lightyears away and the individual stars are all in our own galaxy but nowhere near each other some are as “close” to us as a few hundred light years and some over 1,000.

My rocketship though is apparently well known as the “Stargate” asterism STF 1659.


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