Venus and Mars are Out Tonight (well, Jupiter really and it was yesterday morning)

19-03-22 jup 62 63 64 74

These shots of Jupiter are about equivalent to what i got on my first try. Leftmost two are ISO 100 f8 1/60, the brighter one one is ISO 400, and the last one is ISO 400 but 1/200 sec. In my imagination I can see banding on all of them. Jupiter was quite high in the sky(almost 40 degrees) and seemed clear to the naked eye.

19-03-22 venus 56 57 59 60

Venus remains a sh*tshow although the overexposed one is pretty.  The first one is ISO 6400 f8 1/200 sec, the others are ISO 100 f8 1/200, 1/1000, 1/500.  Venus was very bright but low(16 degrees) and starting to get lost in the sun.


The Sadness of Venus

UPDATE: I did a marginally better job on my second try.  The left image is ISO 100, 1/1000 sec f8 focal length 1600 – the biggest improvement would probably be more zoom.

When I got out to the balcony this morning i noticed that Venus was quite bright in the south eastern sky.  I didn’t have time to do much planning or careful exposure but i took a few quick shots.  My best effort is still woefully overexposed but it does show something like the phase of venus i would expect.  The pic on the right is just blown out venus on a blue sky but i found it a bit pretty.

Looking at the layout of the solar system today (below from The Planets Today), my position is shown by the red dot on the earth which is rotating counterclockwise toward the sun. You can see why jupiter and venus are visible in the morning and mars in the evening.  In a few months Earth will be in line with jupiter at the green line across earth’s orbit and jupiter will be visible all night.

19-03-12 planets today