M101 AgainAgain

This is over-processed but I kind of like it. This is 60+ exposures through the Takumar 200mm lens at about f/5.6. Each exposure was 60 seconds at ISO 1600. I had only 3 darks and 9 bias shots and no flats. I used SiriL for the processing following this tutorial. After Siril I used Paintshop Pro 5 to boost the contrast quite a bit further further – (Colors/Brightness/contrast=59 with no added brightness).

This is about 25% of the full image. I don’t care too much about anything outside the central image but i do note really bad vignetting on the full shot as shown below. I’m going to take some flats to see if they help.

I also note that my stars are not great – a little stretching top to bottom. I had what i consider excellent alignment – within two arcminutes. I may not have been perfectly level but i was close.


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