And How About That Takumar!

One of he objects I was excited to shoot with the Z61 was M57 the Ring Nebula. I had captured it with the Takumar 200mm f/4 lens and I thought the larger scope and longer focal length would improve it. It did, sort of, but the Takumar image is still prettier.

On the left above is the Takumar 200mm f/4 11 shots, iso 800, 25 seconds. On the right is the Z61 360mm f/6, 12 shots at iso 800 60 seconds. Both processed about the same way in siril and cropped to the same area then the Z61 image was resized 66% to compensate for the focal length. The Z61 shot clearly show more stars but the image has lots its charm. Maybe I just blew out the ring with too much exposure.

The two exposures are not that different though. The formula is something like L=f^/(iso*time) and 4^2/(25*800) is not very different from 6^2/60*800. So maybe processing.


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