Spacex Crew Dragon Launch

launch__RGB_MaxOn March 2, 2019 there was a launch of a Spacex Falcon 9 carrying a demonstration capsule to the Space Station.  We are about 80 miles south of Cape Canaveral but we have a clear view over the Atlantic to the launch area.  I set up my Nikon P900 set to wide angle and started a video at launch.  Visually we could see the rocket for a good long time but it passed out of the video frame in a couple of minutes.   The two minute video is kind of boring but i sped it up to 30 seconds which improved the drama a bit.  My real goal was a streak so i used a combination of free software to composite all the frames of the 30 second video into the shot below. I’m reasonably pleased although i would have liked some bit of foreground to show up.  This was at 2:30 am and the buildings along the beach were pretty much black.

the video was cropped and sped up with an online editor

the frames were split out with pipp

the split frames were stacked with rot’n’stack


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