19-07-09 saturn
These were done around 10 pm July 9,2017. Camera was set at ISO 100, 1/50 sec, f/6.5. Zoom was at max optical and 4 X digital(gives a “focal length” figure of 1428). The picture size was set at 2272X1704 to reduce the effect of digital zoom. The planet with rings occupies about 100X55 pixels. These were cropped and brightened with paint shop pro +21 brightness, +21 contrast. If I do it again I’ll go up to 200 ISO.
19-07-09 jupiter 1731
The Jupiters were done at full optical zoom. The three larger ones were 2X digital zoom with picture size at 4608X3456. The smaller were 3X digital but with the picture size cut to 2272X1704. The settings were ISO 100, f/6.5. The first four at 1/60 sec, the last three at 1/100. Jupiter is 100X100 in the larger ones, 60X60 in the smaller. The images haven’t been brightened.

I would say the digital zoom might be worthwhile but cutting down the picture size is no benefit. I’ve just discovered the camera had adjustments for sharpening etc. These would have more effect on star photos but i’ll try neutralizing them.

It occurs to me also that saturn has a ton of moons. They are dimmer than jupiter’s in the mag 8-9 range which might just be visible in a long exposure.


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