Mooning Saturn

19-07-13 Titan 1765
The yellowish blob mid right side is the planet Saturn(overexposed). Just above and to the right is its largest moon Titan. Titan is 5,000 km across which is big but it’s 1.3 BILLION km away and the light I captured had to travel 1.5 billion km from the sun out to Titan to get reflected back. The other pinpricks are stars that are too faint to have proper names.
This was taken at 1800mm focal length, f/6.5, ISO 6400, 1/4 second. Titan and the stars above and below saturn are all magnitude 9ish. The brighter one over to the left is mag 7.5.
The real trick here is to get back out again tonight or tomorrow and make sure that one pinprick has moved and others haven’t!


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