Chasing Hercules

19-07-19 missing Herc Img_3504
I have a hard time spotting the constellation Hercules. It’s nearly overhead which means no closeby terrestrial markers and awkward head straining. Also, the stars are a bit dim for my tired old eyes. I had figured I could just look up from the handle of the dipper by brute force and wide angle but I had misjudged the field of view of the Canon. I did work my way up by fits and starts to the base of hercules but I was just too low.
At the bottom in this image in green are the two end stars in the dipper’s handle – mizar/alcor and alkaid. Above and left is part of Bootes. Then the three stars in a line lead up to the bottom part of hercules in red. Off to the right are draco and the little dipper. This is the Canon T3i at the widest I have(18mmX1.6~=30mm), 2 seconds at f/5.6 ISO 6400.


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