Finding Hercules

19-07-20 Finding Hercules 3520

 This is still not great, in fact it’s awful, but it includes the keystone central “square” of hercules.  I took a shot with the Canon T3i just bumping up from the handle of the dipper.  i was lost at first but i was able to locate it using a plate solver online.  This sifts through some database and gives you the coordinates you’re shooting at.  It will also overlay your image on the sky as shown in the world-wide-telescope which is a thing!

In the top right of the image you can see Hercules and the green circle surrounds the area where M13, the Globular Cluster, is.  That’s what i’m ultimately aiming for and now I have a sniff.

The image was taken with the Canon T3i and 18mm lens 30 seconds at ISO 800 f/5.6.  That’s about 2X the exposure time I should use so it shows significant movement of the stars.  In fact, I think I must have whacked it during the exposure to be this bad.  I’m going to try it with the Nikon next time it’s clear.

This is oriented 180 degrees from my previous effort.  The dipper would be way off the top of the photo sort of where that arm of hercules is aimed.


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