Neptune is almost at opposition and is magnitude 7.8 so imaging it isn’t really a problem. finding it in an image is a different matter! The pie shape above is due to me repeatedly rotating and cropping to align it with images from and stellarium. I stacked eight frames(60 sec, ISO 400, f/4 through the takumar 200mm lens) with darks and bias but it probably wasn’t necessary. I’m going to get another shot next clear night so i can verify it moving against the background stars.

Yep: Below is a single exposure as above just tweaked a bit for contrast. I’m pretty sure the green arrow is pointing at Neptune.

These were done, by the way, from my streetlight-blighted front porch which is a very convenient setup spot with a view to the south over suburban houses. There’s no way to polar align there but I can get within a degree or so and the guiding arrangement seems happy enough to compensate.


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