Some Pointers


Googling around I found this site which has some good images with settings.  The Jupiter below which is better than mine was done at ISO 100 f6.5 1/60 sec.  The moons 100,6.5,1/4

I asked a question on reddit re my venus settings and someone pointed out that venus is much smaller – 14 arcseconds vs 38 for jupiter.  in my images i have venus about 13 pixels high and jupiter 50.

so tomorrow moring if clear before sunrise i’ll try
-saturn at 200,6.5,1/60
-same for jupiter,
-moons at 1/4 sec, and
-venus at 100,8,1/1000-1/500-1/200

On that site he shows his attempts to image the ISS which are not too encouraging but I would be pleased to duplicate them

Again – both those images came from



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