Disappointing Dipper

19-03-23 brightened_dipper_69

I find it interesting that, at maximum exposure, the P900 is just a bit better than my 70 year old mark I eyeball.  This is ISO 1600, 1 sec, f2.8 and I brightened it as much as i could on the PC. I had tried ISO 6400 1/2 sec with no better result.  I guess I imagined there were countless other stars that my eye couldn’t see. The limits of the camera seem to be about the same as my eye – around magnitude 3.  The second star from the left is Mizar and you can just see its fainter companion Alcor which, to be fair, my eye cannot.

I also took a series of snaps and combined them with rot’n’stack but no great joy.  If the skies are clear again tonight I’ll try a star-trails timelapse.


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